Audio Visual

$5 / day
Security deposit: $20

Clips into your shirt, long cord with extensions. Compatible with I-phones. Message with any questions.

This is a USB mic and stand setup that easily attaches to a computer desk. Great for podcasting or recording voice or music. Brand is Maono.

$15 / month
Security deposit: $50

This television is not a smart TV, so it would need to be used in conjunction with an Apple TV or Roku player or gaming system. Has 1 HDMI input and some older vga and HiFi connections as well.

$10 / day
$20 / week

This is a Pioneer BluRay/DVD player. Works well. Deposit may be required depending on use, length, etc. Negotiable though.

Old DVD player. It's slow and their's no remote. But if you need something cheap, this is it.