$20 / day
Security deposit: $50

Thule 4 Bike fits both a 1&1/4 and 2" hitch. This bike rack is very sturdy and is easy to work with. Deposit is done by check or cash in person which will be returned when bike rack is returned undamaged.

$35 / day
Security deposit: $100

This Road Bike is a 2015 model (I think), rides well, has newer tires and is light weight. Size is XL, so only for tall riders. Deposit can be done by check, but rental must be done by online payment.

$10 / day
Security deposit: $50

This bike is almost 20 years old and while it shifts pretty good, it's definitely used. Hence the cheap price. Bike is XL, so for tall people probably 6'2" and taller.