Lighter and shorter than the Normal Turbo Levo, making tighter turns easier and offering maneuverability closer to what you'd experience on a standard mountain bike. Come experience the ride of a lifteime.

This is a super fun E-bike that has an excellent motor, making mountain biking accessible to everyone that has an interest.

Wanting to hit the trails, but would like a little assistance getting up the hill? This E-Bike will get you where you want to go, and has the power get you up the most aggressive hillsides.

One of best Ebikes on the market...period. Several sizes available for rent. If you have ever wanted to try an E Bike, this is your bike.

Wanting to try an Ebike or just need a way to explore St. George without putting a couple more pounds of carbon into the atmosphere. This is your ride. An E Bike designed for comfort and fun.

Got a truck and some bikes? Like your truck's paint job? How about your bike's paint job? Keep both intact by renting this truck tail gate pad.

Hitch mount bike carrier for up to 2 bikes.

Need to carry up to 4 bikes with you? The Thule T2 has you covered.

Would you describe yourself as "Not vertically challenged" or "Tall", this bike was designed with you in mind. No more leaning 3 feet over the handle bars and making every bike look like it's a kids' bike. Enjoy the trails today with this beast as your steed.

Composition Carbon frame, 29" wheels, The only question you'll be asking is: "What's next?"

So take everything the aluminum alloy bike offers, shed some weight and what do you have? ...The equivalent of Turbo. This bike is a blast to ride.

Light weight aluminum frame with full suspension and plenty of travel, set on 29" wheels that roll over the bigger rocks a little better. The only challenge you'll have with this bike is possibly having a little too much fun.

This mountain bike was designed with the adventurous women in mind. Tough enough to handle almost any trail and light enough to keep up with the jack rabbits.

Stumpjumper's name and reputation kinda speaks for itself already. This bike can handle a lot and offers hours of enjoyment. Come find out what mountain biking was supposed to feel like. Available in a couple of sizes.

Competing to win? This is the bike you want to be renting. The Roubaix platform has won 7 tour de France races and is a proven performer. The Exper UDi2...?, well let's just say was created at the intersection where fast meets super. Fun ride. Reserve…

This bike platform has won the tour de france more 7 times. The Roubaix platform is for serious riders looking for serious performance.

Multiple sizes available for rent.

Specialized bike with front suspension. Great for youth just getting into the sport Recommended for persons 4'2" to 5'1".

HIgh Quality Full suspension Mountain bike, built to handle the beautiful red rock of St. George

$20 / day
Security deposit: $50

Thule 4 Bike fits both a 1&1/4 and 2" hitch. This bike rack is very sturdy and is easy to work with. Deposit is done by check or cash in person which will be returned when bike rack is returned undamaged.

$35 / day
Security deposit: $100

This Road Bike is a 2015 model (I think), rides well, has newer tires and is light weight. Size is XL, so only for tall riders. Deposit can be done by check, but rental must be done by online payment.

$10 / day
Security deposit: $50

This bike is almost 20 years old and while it shifts pretty good, it's definitely used. Hence the cheap price. Bike is XL, so for tall people probably 6'2" and taller.