Camping Equipment

$12 / day
Security deposit: $20

Used Hiking poles. Extend quite tall and are sturdy, but lightweight.

$30 / day
Security deposit: $50

This canopy is 13x13. For rent, but only on non to low windy days. Great for the lake, parks, etc.

$8 / day
$20 / week

Need something to keep water or another drink in while you're camping? This should do the trick.

I have multiple sizes. Price to rent is per bag per day. This one is my larges and is 30L more or less. Then I have smaller, along with small pouches for protecting cameras, phones, etc.

This backpack can hold up to 70L, ideal for a multi-day backpacking excursion. Osprey is the top of the line for backpacking products.

This is an Osprey hiking backpack with a water pouch. Great for a day hike. High quality pack. Try before you buy!

$8 / day

This is a 65L Backpack with lots of compartments and an internal frame.

$8 / day

This backpack is an 80L (70+10 liter) capacity backpack with lots of compartments and an internal frame.

$5 / day

About 7 feet long. This cot is wide and strong and has side pockets for stuff that's hard to find in the middle of the night- flashlight, cell phone, keys, rocket launcher, etc. :)