$40 / day
Security deposit: $200

Brand new laptop as of May 2019! Thinking about buying a laptop, but not sure which one to get? Rent this one and try it out. This is an upper end Thinkpad, so those that are familiar with the Thinkpad line will probably appreciate the business…

$10 / day

Looking to declutter your office from paper, but don't want to just throw them away? This scanner is fantastic for getting everything organized. This is the Fujistsu scansnap s1500. Will scan about 30 pages double sided per minute. Works great, scans fast and scans to a small…

$25 / day
$50 / week
$100 / month
Security deposit: $200

HP Laptop, (purchased in 2017) has a 17" monitor and is lightly used. I'm not a computer guy, so please remove any of your files after using it to avoid it getting into another's hands. Intended use is for general internet, etc. We may scrub it on…

$8 / day
$17 / week
$30 / month
Security deposit: $50

This is a computer monitor that's great for office applications. Screen measures 24". Works great.