Technical Canyoneering (ACE-L1) Learn the Basics
$395 / month

Whether this is your first experience canyoneering or you would like to improve and hone the canyoning skills you already possess, this is the class for you. This fundamental and comprehensive two-day course provides instruction for beginner to intermediate canyoneers. Upon completion of this course, you will have the knowledge and skill to safely descend canyons as a contributing member of the group.

All technical gear is provided for the class. If borrowing gear isn’t your thing we offer a 10% discount on all personal gear for our students!

Topics Covered
Basic Knots, Bends and Hitches
Canyon Rating System
Communication, Ethics, Courtesy
Canyoneering Gear Choices and Requirements
Belays and Hand Lines
Natural and Artificial Anchors
Static and Contingency Riggings
Rope Management
Canyoneering Specific Rappelling Techniques
Basic Down Climbing Skills
Introduction to Basic Pothole Escape Methods
Safety Checking and Basic Self-Rescue
1 Classroom Session
2 Days Outdoor Hands On Training
Technical Gear Rental
Certificate of Completion
Discount to Purchase Your Own Gear!
Private Course
Whether you have your own group or simply prefer to learn one on one, private classes are available to suit your needs.

1 Student - $895 per person
2 Students - $495 per person
3-12 students - $395 per person

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