Lawn and Garden Tools

$94.37 / day

Need to aerate your lawn? We have several high quality aerators in stock.

$9.98 / day

Excellent for getting better traction with new grass seed and flattening uneven lawn.

$12.50 / day
Security deposit: $25

8-15' DeWalt pole saw though note- I think the 15" includes average person's height. Feels like about 10' extension to me. Excellent for trimming smaller tree branches, palms and shrubs. Not equivalent to a chainsaw, but ideal for regular yard work situations. 1 fully charged battery included in…

$30 / day
Security deposit: $200

21 inch Troy built lawnmower

$6 / day

We have 4 types of rakes. $3/rake/day, minimum of $6 total though. All in great condition.

$10 / day
$20 / week

Fiskars Power gear 2 loppers. Strong great for bushes and tree trimming.

$8 / day
Security deposit: $25

Keep the edge between your lawn and curbs or driveway nice and clean.

$10 / day
Security deposit: $35

Toro self driven mower 6.75 HP 149cc. Lawn mower for rent only for use mowing lawns only please.

$5 / hour
$20 / day
$55 / week
Security deposit: $100

Heavy harrow perfect for small pastures, riding arenas or gravel. Can be easily pulled by a four wheeler or UTV.

Electric hedge trimmer for light weight jobs.

Not sure on specs, but it reaches pretty high and does a good job.

$15 / day
Security deposit: $25

High powered wind. Gas operated- excellent for clearing large amounts of leaves quickly.