Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I improve the look of my listing?

A: When taking pictures- try not to take close-ups as your thumbnail image has to be square.  By zooming out a bit or taking a step back, it allows for more freedom when uploading the picture to display the thumbnail as you'd like it.  If you're wanting to show detail- include it as the 2nd or later image.  Upon uploading an image, a blue box will appear, which can be expanded, widened and the height adjusted.  This is to select the thumbnail image, so drag it from the corners to adjust what you would like to display as your listing's thumbnail image. 


Q: What should I list?

A: Any residential or commercial property that someone can rent.


Q: How much does it cost to use

A: is a FREE site for renters.  There is also a weekly fee for property being listed for rent. You don't pay anything to register or subscribe to  The platform can be used 100% free by anyone for seeking a place to rent. We offer optional convenience services to facilitate your rental business.  For example-  If you'd like to upgrade your listing to a premium featured listing, there is a small monthly fee to upgrade to that promotional status.  There will be a cost per click for landlord referrals to property management companies, but when you consider the cost of a generic google ad vs. a highly targeted ad on where the consumer is clicking a button to directly rent your listing, it's a no brainer that you'll make money off of almost every click you get through vs. maybe a 2% conversion rate per click on google.


Q: I'm not getting much activity on my listing- how do I promote it?

A: Just listing your ad on is not the final answer. is the medium to rent through, but you still need to promote your items a bit.  For example- It would be wise to put a for rent sign on the property itself and share your listing on social media outlet to let your friends and family so they know that you're renting the property. You can also share it via email, upgrade your listing to a premium listing and make sure that you've priced it well.