Saving the Planet through renting

6/26/2019 at 12:34 PM · By Mark

I'm not an extremist.  I don't talk to my plants.  I still drive a big SUV, because I have 5 kids.  I like shooting guns and am known to go for the 30oz. steaks when they're on the menu.  But I also really appreciate the beauty of this earth and frankly would love to see that beauty preserved for my progeny over the generations to come.  If we're being realistic, it doesn't work for the average American to convert to a vegetarian tree-hugging environmentalist mentality.  But I don't think we give enough credit to their individual global awareness competency.  I think the average American does care about global warming, about recycling, and about planting trees, however, they want to address those issues in a practical way.  I don't know anyone that wants to get worse gas mileage on a vehicle, we just don't want to give up the powerful engines, because experiencing the G force of a hard acceleration is one of life's sweet pleasures.  So the object then must not be to convert everybody over to extremist perspectives but to help businesses identify pathways that can offer the gas-sipping, supercharged engines.  Kudos to Tesla on that front- creating a car that does 0-60 in 2.28 seconds... makes me smile just thinking about it.  :) offers a way for people to more easily share ownership of items by making it so that not everybody needs to buy those items by having a few own and the other just rent on the occasions of need.  Take for example a power sprayer.  The average residential household that owns a power sprayer maybe uses it once a month if they're a heavy user.  For many, that could be once or twice a year.  However, running into town to a rental center that rents old beat up equipment isn't attractive and it gets tiring asking your neighbor to always borrow his stuff.  However, if you knew that your neighbor was wanting to rent some of those items out for a reasonable price, not only would that make it much easier to feel good about renting vs. borrowing, the equipment is usually in good lightly used condition, but by renting it prevents us from going out and buying a bunch of equipment that creates more stuff that has to be stored, then eventually springs an oil leak, fills up landfills, not to mention the natural resources required to create the product in the first place.  Sharing our items by renting them to each other, is a much more eco-friendly, yet smart and savvy approach to saving the world, by providing maximum benefit to all that cooperate.    

So while my environmentalist friends will instantly see the benefit, my Average Joe American friends can also buy in, even if it's for other reasons than to just save the polar ice caps.  Rent something today at




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