How to make money as a College Student with Rent Duck

12/17/2019 at 11:58 AM · By Adam

5 (tips or steps) on How to Make Money Renting your stuff as a College Student


College is hard. You study, attend classes, and do homework. Oh! And you have to find that almighty job that is going to help you pay rent, buy food and work around your school schedule.  Wow, that can be a challenge! 


But, do not despair, Rent Duck is here to save the day!  With Rent Duck you can earn money on your own time using your own stuff!  Rent Duck is the only place you need to go to begin renting the stuff you already own: skis, textbooks, hiking backpack, camping tent, skateboards, evening gown, wedding dress, kitchen necessities, gaming consoles, computers . . . . anything you have that someone else needs just for an hour, a day, a week,or a semester!  


It’s a win-win situation.  You earn money! And the person renting your stuff saves money!  


Rent Duck not only makes it easy to rent your stuff but it’s 100% FREE! We all know as college students the word FREE is always something to smile about. 

So, don’t delay! Take an inventory of what you have, decide what you want to rent and follow the next 5 tips to get started renting and earning money on your own time with your own stuff.  It’s that easy!


Tip Number 1

(Download the app and create an account, if you haven’t already) 

Choose items you have that you want to rent. Be creative with this stage by thinking about your stuff as being important and useful to someone else. The possibilities are endless. Here are a few examples of the items I have rented: clothing, laptop, camera, and textbooks from previous semesters. 


Tip Number 2 

Create quality photos for your post! This might seem easy but, don’t take this step lightly! Be sure your photos have good, natural lighting and a clean background (nobody wants to see your pile of dirty clothes or your unmade bed in the background).  Also, adding more than one angle of your items will give your potential renters a clear image of exactly what they are renting.


Tip Number 3 

Create clever titles for your post! You want to stand out in the crowd! Something like “Stop buying College Books!” or “Forgot your laptop, no worries, Rent this one for the day!” These titles are more likely to capture the attention of your potential renter. Because, after all, as a college student, we can all relate to these scenarios.


Tip Number 4

Create quality item descriptions. This is important! Put yourself in the shoes of your potential renter by asking yourself, “What would I want to know about this item before renting it.”  Make your item descriptions detailed, but not too lengthy. Add words that tell what the item is, describe the color, brand, age of item and what it is.


Tip Number 5

Congratulations! You now have the perfect listing and you are ready to post your first listing. Now that all of that is done, you should have the perfect listing. You are ready to post your first listing!  Don’t delay! Start Today! Download the app, get posting and start making money!


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