How to make money as a stay-at-home mom

3/17/2020 at 4:20 PM · By Sarah

Hey! First off thanks for stopping by. I know as a mom you are busy, so, from one mom to the next thanks for your time! I hope you enjoy reading this blog post! 

My journey

Let’s dive right into today's content and topic! How to make more money as a stay-at-home mom. Something that I have learned over the years of being a stay-at-home mom is that there are so many amazing ways and reasons we as moms want to make more money! Whatever the reason may be, such as saving money for a vacation, paying off student loans, paying for extra bills, or simply having what I like to call “Mad Money”. Which is pretty much just money set aside for well… when you go a little crazy! ;)


The drive/reason

So now that we have the reason for this “mad money”, how to get it can sometimes be the hardest part. A lot of things that I ran into when looking for a way to make more money while still being able to be at home, have a flexible schedule and be in charge of my pay. Is that there were not many jobs out there that fit that description. Or they would have one thing that I wanted but not the other. I would be able to have a flexible schedule but they would only want me to work 2 hours a week and pay me $10. Which let's be honest isn’t a ton of money for my “mad money” stash! 


Or there were some that paid well but they would want me to work during the times that the kids were awake which wasn’t going to happen because..well... I have kids! After a while of looking around online, and locally I decided that what I really wanted was to be able to put little effort into making money from home, I didn’t want to start my own business because that takes way too much effort. I didn’t want to sell a bunch of things. I just wanted to have flexible time, money and the advantage of staying at home. 


Now the Solution! 

Of course, there had to be a solution out there. Right, something that was going to address all of these things and something I was excited about telling all the moms at mom’s group about. That I would finally be able to feel like I was able to contribute financially, have “my” own thing and be able to get that “mad money” to be able to use and spend however I wanted to! Here it is… The magic solution… Rent Duck!!


Okay, so I know you might think I’m crazy and maybe the name of it got you thinking I hyped it up way too much. But seriously this app has been amazing. It is not only 100% free to download but also to use. Which means no start-up cost, and no extra fees after I downloaded it! Sooo nice! Alright, so what is Rent Duck? 


Rent Duck 

Rent Duck? Do you rent a bunch of ducks... Haha no not exactly. Rent duck is a free app like I mentioned above. Here are the details, it's pretty simple (which remember I like) Rent Duck lets you rent any item you have for free, and you can rent stuff from others as well. 


See simple!


For example, I have rented baby items, strollers, car seats, cribs, exact. All I have to do is take a photo of the item, list the item, make sure it’s ready when the renter comes by to get it and drop it back off. Then collect the money and done! Seriously it takes maybe five whole minutes. Plus I don’t have to go buy anything. I just use the things around my house that I already own and I get to help others save money. Like my friend who had a family member come into town that needed a car seat for her baby but my friend didn’t own one. So instead of buying a brand new one just for a week. I rented it to her for $10 and we both benefited. She got a really good deal on a car seat (less than a $1 a day) and I got $10 for just posting the item!  


How you can start making money 

The important part of the blog right! The part you scroll down from the top skim over the rest and get to the actual good stuff! Well here it is, you can start making easy, simple, and fast money today, no for real, like right now! All you have to do is download the app, find some things around the house to post and then you're done. That’s it, you don’t have to spend any money finding items (although if you really want to you can). Plus Rent Duck is not limited to renting only a few items you could rent anything. LITERALLY!! You can rent your baby items, kid costumes, curling iron, heck you could even rent your car! Plus I made this easy and gave you a link below to click on. Oh but before you click on it make sure you download the app so they can send you notifications of when someone wants to rent an item!! I’m excited for you to start renting. It’s a lot of fun, and you can now start building your “mad money” stash!!


Okay, I’ll let you start renting now!!


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