Why Rent Your Wedding Dress

3/26/2020 at 1:31 PM · By Sarah

Why you should rent your wedding dress


Hey you! Do you have a wedding dress that is just sitting in your closet collecting dust?? I know I do… Or well I did until I decided to start renting out my dress! Now I’m here to tell you my story of how I decided to rent my wedding dress. Plus give some amazing tips on how you can rent your dress as well and make an extra $24,000, now who wouldn’t want that! 


Let’s get started. Like many of you who are reading this blog you went out and found the perfect dress for your wedding day. It was in your budget and it was absolutely perfect for your big day. You have tons of photos that have helped capture your special day, and those photos are hung throughout your house and give you a special feeling when you see them as you walk by. 


Then comes spring cleaning and we have all watched those Netflix shows on cleaning out your closets and getting rid of things we don’t need anymore that are taking up space. After cleaning out the bulk items that we don’t wear anymore and don’t love we come across our wedding dress. And at this moment we face a difficult choice. Do we get rid of our dress or do we keep storing it in a bag at the back of our closet for that “One day” (Which honestly I don’t think we even have a clue what that one day even means. For real though what is that “one day”...) Anyways I digress. Now do we keep the dress or give it away, or worse of all put it up on some saturated site and hope that someone wants to buy it for an insanely discounted price. 


This is where I was a year ago. I was torn, I loved my dress so much, it was perfect, and it was mine. Plus like all mom’s I wanted to keep it in hopes that one day I would have a little girl that would want to wear my wedding dress. Just like my mom kept hers for us to wear, haha like that was going to happen. We all know fashion changes and taste changes as well. So I decided to put it up for sale, months went by and not a single person wanted to buy my dress! YEP! NOT ONE!! I was frustrated and almost ready to give it to a thrift store and be done! This is when the magic happened! 


I was talking with a friend and she told me that she was renting items on this app called Rent Duck and that I should give it a try. So I did, I downloaded the app for free and started taking photos of my dress to put on this app. Then I chose $100 for a rental which included a cleaning fee, plus a safety deposit of $100. Just in case something happened to it I could go get it fixed. I started getting people renting my dress left and right! It has been amazing. Plus I decided to take the money I earn from that and put it into a savings account so when my daughter goes to get married I have money from renting my dress for her to have that money to spend on her special day and renting a dress of her own. 


Now that you know my story, how can renting out your wedding dress help you? First off I would suggest downloading rent duck on your phone. This way you get notifications to your phone right away when someone wants to rent your dress. Plus you can rent other things as well you don’t have to rent just your dress. After downloading the app make sure you take good photos of the dress so people know what they are renting. 


After you get your photos up and posted make sure you have a good description of the dress, the dress size, color, length, and anything special that you would want to know if you were going to rent the dress. Like the train in back ties so you can make it shorter or that it has a zipper in back. Things like this will help those looking to rent your dress know exactly what they are renting and help them choose your dress. Once your post is complete make sure you share it on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms so that people know that you are renting your dress and where they can go to rent it from you. Boom just like that and you're done! 


If you open up a savings account and rent your dress out for $100 once a month for a year you would make $1,200 and if you did this for 20 years you would be able to save $24,000. Which is a ton compared to a dress that is just sitting in a closet not making any money. So would you rather rent your dress on a free app or put your dress back in the closet to sit and collect dust for another 20 years? The choice is yours, but I’m guessing you’re going to want to rent it. So I made it easy for you, I put the link to the app below! So let’s get renting ladies!! 




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