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Covid-19 the CoronaVirus and social distancing, whichever you choose to call it. This event will be the most life-changing event that has happened since 2008. With family's lives and individual's lives being changed daily. The biggest question is what’s going to happen and how can we make sure we come out of this on top. I hope to answer these questions and more in this article. 


First things first is prevention


Rent Duck is founded on individual rental services, anyone can download the app and use it to rent items that they have to others around them. Creating a shared community atmosphere. As well as allowing you to rent from others to save money. So what can you do to still use Rent Duck to help save and make money while this craziness is all still going on? Like I mentioned above the best thing to do is to make sure you take the correct steps to prevent you and those you are renting to and from, from getting the virus. Here are the steps. 


Step 1

Make sure you properly clean the item(s) you are renting not only before you rent them but after they are returned to you as well. 


Those who are renting items make sure you clean the item(s) when you receive them as well as when you return them to the owner. 


Step 2

To continue the practice of social distancing find a place outside your home where you can place the item(s) for pick up. This way when the renter comes to pick up the item they can pick it up outside in a safe place and then drop it back off in the same place. This way you are both avoiding the need for contact.


If you are renting an item make sure you ask for a safe place to pick it up that the person you are renting from feels comfortable enough leaving the item(s) there for pickup and drop off. 


Step 3 

Wear gloves when cleaning the item(s) and placing it outside in a safe place. As well as when you pick the item up after it has been returned to you. 


When you are going to pick up an item(s) make sure you are also wearing gloves to ensure you are safe and wearing gloves to drop the item back off. 


Step 4 

If you are taking or paying with cash instead of a credit card. Make sure you wear gloves and put the money in a safe place. Such as in an envelope while you wait at a safe distance to make sure the person you are renting from gets the money envelope and you are good to go. 


How Rent Duck can help 


As mentioned above Rent Duck is a shared community idea app that allows you to make money as well as save money. This is ideal for those who are looking to rent items to help them save money because money is tight right now as well as helping others be able to make money during this time. 


With Rent Duck you can list your items for free on the app and be able to use the free system to start renting your items. You can also help save money by renting items from others. For all those who are on “lockdown” right now and are looking for something to do this is the perfect app for you to be able to search for things in your area that others are renting. Such as board games, video games, home improvement tools and so much more! 


So download the app today and get renting!


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